Sunday, 6 December 2009

Aires Pereira

Don Aires Pereira was born in Venezuela in the 14th of April of 1973, anno satane. Since the early years of his existence he was bound to music as he belonged to a family of musicians, while at thesame time he had a natural appettite for this art. He studied at the at the local Music academy for a period close to 7 years, having always in mind the greater goal of playing and living the Bass guitar in its predilect style: that is the METAL.

He had tons of different projects and groups, and in the unholy year of 2003 participated in an audition for Moonspell, having been selected as their Bass Player. Since this day a hellrid of tours, festivals and shows followed all around the world.

He's Moonspell's evil twin of Steve Harris and Martin Eric Ain. He is the distinct Don Aires.

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